Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Image Processing (Extension of Contour Plotting)

Wrote a few extra lines of code to test out the Image processing capabilities using the contour plotter.
Not bad for a few hours of work:
I'm not too keen on posting my actual likeness on the internet, but this is obfuscated enough.  the 75x75 image took 30msec to process and print.. .anyways I can see how being able to quickly run through images could have a number of practical purposes... I'm pretty sure the folks who do image scans/retina scans use something similar, also for something like Microsoft's Kinect Body tracking it uses some fast implementation of this, likewise OCR solutions likely want to differentiate between signal and noise in an image

It's kinda neat having this power at your fingertips, from an artistic standpoint overlaying or converting filmed or captured images and running them through some code to spit out contours could yield some interesting stuff.  (Keep in mind the implementation I'm using is not attempting to smooth out edges but this would be an easy step to make things smoother.  Alright well the code is in a "good enough" state, now lets get the android port working.

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